Monday, January 20, 2003

More Strange Dreams

In the rash of strange dreams I've been having lately, here's another one...

I'm walking through a mall with Cj when all of a sudden these two guys walk up to us and try to sell us back massagers or some such thing. I'm politely declining, and I keep saying, no, no thanks, I don't want any. But these guys just keep at it, and they're following us all around, and I'm starting to get mad when all of a sudden this one guy sticks his arm completely down my shirt! Obviously, I freak out, start screaming and hitting the guy. I expect Cj to go ballistic and start beating up these guys, but all he says is "Please don't do that." So I start freaking out even more, and somehow I manage to beat up both of these guys and run out of the mall.

Later on in the dream, I'm running to catch a train. I know I have to get on it because all of my friends are already on the train, but the guy taking the tickets is so slow, sooooo slow, and the train doors start closing before he even gets halfway through the line. So running alongside the train, I shove my bag into the half-closed door, propping it open just a little bit. I'm running and trying to fling myself through this little opening when I see the tunnel at the end of the station. I'm going to hit the wall when the train goes into the tunnel... I'm running, running, and with a flying leap I make it just as the train goes into the tunnel.

There was a lot more, but this is what I remember.

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