Friday, January 03, 2003

2 AM

It's 2 AM and I've been up since 6:05. Seems I am living the nightlife... although there's not much boogying (spelling? can it be spelled?) going on here right now as we are all sitting around reading and winding down from a highly competetive game of "The Game of Life: Star Wars Edition." Yes, you too can join a clan and become a young padouin and learn the ways of the force, but beware of the dark side, for it gives you shortcuts and lets you steal tiles from other players. Of course the game is rigged, though, so that the good guys win in the end.

Of course I was champion of the dark side.

Anyway, with my geekiness aside, it's so much fun to see all the people from high school again... I thought I'd just be able to see Al, but as it turns out Olivia and Catherine, our partners in crime, are staying too. At least for tonight. Cj's dad drove me to the train station this morning, and I stepped on just as the doors were closing. Cj decided not to get out of bed in the cold at 6:30 to accompany me to the station... can't say I blame him. I did miss that romantic "seeing off at the platform," 30s style kind of farewell though. As it stands, I made do with a quick goodbye before hurrying out the door. Wouldn't you know it? The one day I actually want some time to dawdle, the train has to be EXACTLY on time.

Amtrak is on crack. This is my witty statement for the day.

Well. I'm going to bed. Goodnight. Sleep sweetly. May the force be with you, may it be a light for you when all other lights are out... or other such geeknesses...

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