Sunday, December 15, 2002


Got home today, and in trying to keep myself busy (so as not to miss Cj and Kacey) I started wrapping the Christmas presents I bought in little tokyo. I'm not that great at wrapping presents, but this time I did a really good job (even though it took me a long time and emily had to help me). Finally, after about an hour, I got them all wrapped. Then I went over to my mom and asked where we were putting all the presents. We don't have a tree yet (slackers) but that doesn't mean they haven't already been on the mantel or in the corner or something. Anyway, my mom says "We don't have a place yet. We don't have any presents out." WHAAAAAAAAT??? No presents out? C'mon, Christmas is next Wednesday! What the hell's wrong with you people? I mean, I'm not asking for a Martha Stewart Christmas or anything (God forbid), but a little bit of festive cheer would be nice. Rrrr. Maybe I'm just keeping my mind off of other things, but I like the presents to be wrapped and sitting out where people can see them. Makes me feel like it's really Christmas. Even if everybody's not together. Makes up for it a bit, you know?

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