Monday, December 09, 2002

A Conversation With Robin, Part V (I think. what part are we on now?)

Gina says: woooooooooo!
Robin says: woooooooo!!!
Robin says: why are we wooing?
Gina says: cause i just hit a guy who lives in the hall above me with a water balloon
Gina says: it's a war
Robin says: ...FLING SPORKS AT HIM!
Gina says: oooo
Gina says: except it's a water war.
Robin says: get the spork wet
Gina says: i'm kinda sad, though, cause it wasn't one of the cold balloons
Gina says: we have ones by the door for quick use, and ones in the fridge if we can plan it out
Robin says: put hot water in it
Gina says: the spork?
Robin says: in the balloon
Gina says: ohhhhh
Gina says: heh
Gina says: that would be nicer than the cold one, it hink
Gina says: think
Robin says: yep
Gina says: but do i want to be nice...?
Robin says: no
Gina says: exactly.

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