Saturday, October 19, 2002

Space Channel 5
is the coolest video game ever.

Hello, Cosmic Kiddies! Welcome to Space Channel 5, the grooviest broadcast this side of Venus! This is your swingin' host, Ulala. Tune in to the pulse of the galaxy as I bring you the latest news and the happenin' action from outer space. All right!

I'm reporting on one red-hot story that is sure to send you into orbit. A legion of dance-crazy aliens called Morolians have invaded our Space Port. They're zapping humans everywhere into a hypnotic dance trance. It's pure chaos on the floor!

But fear not - your rookie reporter Ulala is on the beat! I can out-dance those techno-colored creatures and save the humans from being slaves to the rhythm. C'mon... let's dance!

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